How to order

Booking our rental service is easy.  Call our information hotline at +372 53 052 890; +372 53 005 760 or send an email to and tell us what you need.

What information is needed before submitting an offer?

Client needs are primary, therefore we treat each offer as an independent project.  In order to prepare an offer, we will need to know:

·         Planned volume of users/rents

·         Location(s) of service

·         Proposed length of rent and desired dates

·         Any specific needs or requests

What are the rental options we are offering?

We will design a rental option to fit your needs, but requests usually fall into three categories:

 1)     Short Rent - one day to two weeks. We have better rates for longer rents staring from three days! Also the tour can start and end in different locations. We are working together with an express courier to make it as convenient as possible, and we manage all customs documentation by ourselves.

2)     Pay per use – a string of short rents over a longer period. Very useful for the companies who have more requests and would like to use our equipment during longer period. This particular solution allows you to have at your disposal a number of radios, paying only the usage time.

3)     Long rent – 3 months to 1 year.  This is the perfect solution for museums or exhibitions. Seasonal rent grants various advantages, including more affordable rental fees, extra assistance for each related radio problem, possibility to manage any peak flow by getting more devices with the same conditions.

Daily rent

Tallinn 3,25 EUR per pax (including courier transportation)

Riga 3,75 EUR per pax (including courier transportation)

Vilnius 3,75 EUR per pax (including courier transportation)

Helsinki 3,75 EUR per pax (including courier transportation)

Stockholm 3,75 EUR per pax (including courier transportation)

Long rents

2-3 days - 2.5 EUR/day + VAT

4-7 days - 2 EUR/day + VAT

Price for 8 days or longer rent is according to agreement.

Transport is included with price.

Minimum price for rent is 100 EUR + VAT (50 EUR+VAT in Estonia).

  • The price is including everything what you´ll need for the tour (extra batteries, extra earphones, spare devices).
  • If you would like to get an invoice for Estonian company, then you´ll need to add VAT (20%) to the prices mentioned above.
  • If the company is outside of Estonia and has valid EU VAT number, then the VAT is 0%.

For bookings, extra information and requests please contact us: